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Services Offered:

Area of Jurisdiction - Quincy, MA:

  • Capias (Civil,Criminal, and Probate arrests)
  • Demand execution
  • Execution of possession
  • Injunction/Temporary injunction (Exception: M.R.C.P. Rule 4c approval)
  • Notice to show cause
  • Petition and order of notice
  • Real Estate attachments (Exception: M.R.C.P. Rule 4c approval)
  • Restraining orders (Exception: M.R.C.P. Rule 4c approval)
  • Small Claims notice
  • Summons and complaints
  • Summons and complaints, federal court (Exception: M.R.C.P. Rule 4c approval)
  • Summons to judgment debtor
  • Summary process and complaint
  • Trustee attachment (Exception: M.R.C.P. Rule 4c approval)

Area of Jurisdiction - Massachusetts (statewide)

  • 14 and 30 day notice to quit
  • Capias (Criminal arrest), for crimes in my jurisdiction
  • Capias (Probate arrest), under provisions of MGL C215, s34A, s56B or C276, s23
  • Notices and Letters of all kinds
  • Probate and family court
  • Witness subpoenas, state and federal courts

Note: For information regarding fees for the above services, please contact me during normal business hours. Service is only performed as a disinterested person if service is being performed outside of a Constable jurisdiction (Constable fee structure will be applicable).

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